Dr.Elchuri's narrations for use of TRIPHALA

All diseases in human body arise due to imbalance of the three doshas namely Vaata, Pitta and Kapha. Triphala i.e. karakkaya, taanikaya and usirikaya are bestowed by God to maintain the above doshas in the desired proportion in human body.

Triphala powder means karakkaya, taanikaya and usirikakaya are to be taken in equal proportion. Make powder, mix and store. Now-a-days they are available in tablet form also apart from powder form. Even if there is no problem one can take the powder or tablets along with half a glass of water daily to preserve and protect our inbuilt immune system.

Use of Triphalas for specific problems:

1) Hair oil:
Take karakkaya, taanikaya, usirika kaaya, mango flowers, maddi tree bark powder in equal proportion and pound them to powder form. Add this powder to double quantity of sesame oil and boil. Filter the oil and store.
If the oil is used daily, hair growth will be dense.

2) Head problems:
Take karakkaya, taanikaya, usirika kaya powders 100 gms each. Add candy sugar powder 300 gm. And store. Take 10 gm in the morning and evening. Relieves from more than 100 problems of head.

3) Fits:
Take triphala churn half spoon along with one spoon honey daily in the evening. FITS problem will disappear.

4) Jaundice, asthma and other problems:
- Add one tsp ginger juice, 2.5 gm jaggery to one cup of triphala kashayam and take daily in the morning
and also:
- Add atimadhuram powder 50 gm to 150 gms triphala powder and store. Take 5 gm with half cup water daily at night.
If taken in the morning and evening as above for two weeks, FITS problem, cough, jaundice Asthma problems are relieved.

5) Stomach problems:
Mix triphala churn, atimadhuram powder, ippa chekka powder uniformly. Take ½ spoon along with ghee two times a day. All stomach problems will vanish,

6) Dysentry problems:
Take triphalas and kaachu in equal proportion and make powder. Take one tsp along with butter milk or honey two times a day. Blood motions, watery motions gum motions etc will subside.

7) Excess urination:
Take half spoon triphala powder with ¼ glass water during night. Sugar content in urine reduces and excess urination is stopped.

8) Jaundice:
Add little honey to 10 gm triphala ras and take two times a day. Jaundice problem disappears.

9) Good family life:
Take triphalas, addasaram leaves, pilli teega, atimadhuram, candy sugar, tippa sattui in equal proportion and make powder. Add cow’s ghee to consistency and make small balls equal to size of usirika. If taken two times a day, all problems of body get eliminated, body will become strong, one will be happy, will have longer life, sperm growth, capacity to lead good family life etc.

10) Pitta diseases:
Take half spoon triphalas powder along with one spoon honey two times a day. All diseases due to pitta will vanish.

11) Cough:
Prepare trikata churnam by mixing triphala powder, sonth, pippali, black pepper in equal proportion each constituent fried and make powder. Take half spoon powder along with honey two times a day. All types of cough like dry cough, wheezing cough, phlegm cough, blood emission with cough etc will subside.

12) Eye problems:

Add triphala powder 30 gms to 3 lts water and boil it to 1 litre on SIM flame. Add half litre milk and ¼ litre ghee and boil once again till ghee remains. Take this ghee two times a day (about one spoon). Eye sight improves and eye problems vanish.

These are only a few uses of Triphalas and there are many many other benefits.

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