Dr.Elchuri’s recipes for CRACKED HEELS

Problem is due to excess heat flowing down the body to the feet.
Recipe No.1:
i) Chandra bedhana Bhastrika pranayaam: Close right nostril and breathe out through left nostril only
ii) Seetali Bhastrika pranayaam : Fold the tongue longitudinally and do Bhastrika pranayam.
iii) Seetkari pranayam: Clench the teeth/jaws and do Bhastrika pranayam
iv) Apply kaakarakaya paste (bitter gourd) mixed with turmeric to the affected part.

Recipe No.2:
i) To reduce overheat mix Jeera (fry and make powder), Dhania (fry and make powder), candy sugar equally in powder form.
Take 1/2 spoon - 3 times a day along with water.
ii) Aamla powder (usirika powder) mixed with candy sugar powder equally can also be taken thrice a day to reduce overheat.
The excess heat of stomach reduces and cracks of heel will be healed.

Recipe No.3:
Bees wax (yellow) : 100 gm
Saindhava lavanam : 100 gm (fine powder)
Guggilam : 100 gm (fine powder)
Jaeguru matti : 100 gm (powder)
Jaggery : 100 gm (powder)
Hone : 50 gm
Ghee : 100 gm
Pachcha karpuram : 5 gm.
Put bees wax in a vessel and heat on SIM flame by adding ghee little by little. Then remove from stove. Cool it and add Saindhava lavanam, jaggery powder, guggilam, Jaeguru matti powder, honey. Mix iall contents uniformly to paste. Store it and apply the ointment to the affected parts of heel. This ointment also works well for cracks in the thighs.
Heals all cracks within 7 to 20 days. Very effective ointment.

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