Dr.Elchuri's recipes using UTTARENI

Latin: Achyranthes aspera
English:Prickly flower
Hindi: Apang,chirchira,chirchita
Recognition of Uttareni:
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Dr.Elchuri’s recipes of Uttareni:
Recipe No.1:
Uttareni tailam:
Wash uttareni leaves, pound them and extract juice of 1 litre. Add 1 litre of good quality sesame oil (nuvvula noone) and boil on SIM flame till the juice absorbs into oil. Cool it and store in a glass bottle.
Use this oil in warm condition to massage those organs having excess fat before one hour of taking bath.
Uttareni oil penetrates into the flesh and burns the excess fat and also relieves from all the skin problems.
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(From Dr.Elchuri's literature)
Recipe No.2:
Tooth Powder:
Make powder of 100 gm Uttareni seeds and sieve. Add 10 gm salt powder and store in a bottle. If one brushes his teeth with this powder, teeth will strengthen and also whiten. Worms in the teeth will die and decayed teeth get set right.
Recipe No.3:
Respiratory prooblems:
- If Uttareni root powder or seeds powder is stuffed in a smoking pipe and its smoke is breathed in, cough and Asthma is relieved.
- Dry entire Uttareni plant, fry it to powder. Add 2 times equal quantity of sugar and take 3 gms three times a day. Phlegm, breathlessness, continued cough, heaving etc. will be relieved. Use less quantity if used for children.
Recipe No.4:
Easy delivery:
Grind 7 raw leaves of Uttareni along with 7 Nos. pepper. Sieve the juice and drink. Easy delivery takes place.
Recipe No.5:
Take uttareni leaves, pepper and garlic in equal proportion and grind them to paste. Prepare pea size tablets and dry them in shade. For ordinary fevers, take 2 tabs. For cold fevers take 3 to 5 tabs with warm water. One gets relieved from fevers.
Recipe No.6:
Piles (bleeding):
Take red Uttareni leaves juice 50 gm and cow's ghee : 50 gm together. Bleeding piles will subside. Avoid food items causing excess heat.
Recipe No.7:
Lean Personalities:
Take the bark of Uttareni tree and add equal quantity of pepper powder and prepare small balls (like big size homeo pills) and dry them in shade. Melt one ball in mother's milk and give it to the baby for licking. Lean babies grow fast and turn to develop good personality.
Recipe No.8:
Stoppage of children dying immediately after delivery:
Take Uttareni leaves, saha devi tree roots and pepper in equal parts, grind them to paste, make balls of pepper size and dry them in shade. Give one pill to children after melting it in mother's milk. Children will grow nicely. This will be specially helpful for those mothers, whose children die immediately after delivery. For such mothers, right from conception to delivery if one tablet/pill is taken twice a day, good children will be delivered.
Recipe No.9:
Take Uttareni roots, nela tadidumpalu, pippali each 50 gm and add equal quantity of old jaggery, pound and store the powder/paste in a glass bottle. Take 10 gm (1 spoon) two times a day. Filaria can be eliminated.
Recipe No.10:
Dog bites:
Grind Uttareni leaves to paste, sieve the juice. Add 3 gms juice to 20 gm honey and take two times a day. The after effects of dog bite problem will be eliminated.
Recipe No.11:
Take 10 gm of Uttareni root extract with one cup cow's butter milk. Pandurogam is eliminated. Digestive system improves, blood increases, skin glows. Avoid food items causing excess heat.
Recipe No.12:
Uterus problems:
Pound Uttareni leaves and roots taken in equal proportion and powder. Add equal quantity of candy sugar powder and store. Take 3 pinches with water one hour before food. Uterus gets cleaned, periods get regularised, new blood is generated, skin glows, in addition to many other benefits.
Recipe No.13:
Enlargement of spleen:
Take Uttareni plant powder (by drying and burning), saindhava lavanam, sonthi, pippali, pepper in equal proportions. Lightly fry salt, sonthi, pippali and pepper before making powder. Mix all the powders and store. Take 2 gms of powder with 1 spoon honey. Problem of Enlargement of spleen, bulging of stomach will be eliminated.
Recipe No.14:
Grind Uttareni roots in 'biyyam kadigina neeru' and extract gandam from it. Take 10 to 20 gm of the gandham from the fourth day of periods to 16th day along with one cup warm cow's milk. Participate in family life during these days, conception takes place.
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