Dr.Elchuri's recipes for EXCESS FAT IN CHEST

Recipe No.1
Karakkaya : 100 gm
Taanikaya : 100 gm
Usiri kaya : 100 gm
Sonthi : 100 gm
Pippali : 100 gm
Pepper : 100 gm
Saindhava lavanam: 100 gm
Fry all the above contents and make powder. Sieve and store.
Take three pinches daily along with water.
Excess fat in chest melts away.

Recipe No.2:
Sesame oil: 100 gm. Boil and remove from flame.
Add 20 gm camphor powder, 10 gm pepper powder and 10 gm pippali powder. Stir it well and store in a bottle.
Usage: Apply to the chest from top to the sides. Massage outwards so that excess fat melts away after usage for a few days. Take bath after one hour.

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