Dr.Elchuri's recipes for EYE SIGHT problems:

Recipe No.1:
i) Take your spit (ummu) in hand, rub it in palms and apply to eyes after closing. Eye problems, eye sore, dark circles, white discharge from eyes, cataracts will be eliminated and also will not repeat in future.
ii) Gargle cold water and take some water in the palm and put your eyes in the water of palm. Open and close eye lids.
iii) Acupressure points of eyes: Press web of forefinger and middle finger 200 times.
iv) Apply paste of one desi tomato and four to five drops of lemon juice round the eyes and gently massage.
v) Eye exercises: Left and right movements of eyes, top and bottom, clockwise and anticlockwise, front and back.

Recipe No.2:
Karakkaya : 30 gm
Taani kaaya: 60 gm
Usirika : 90 gms
Atimadhuram : 10 gm
Veduru uppu ; 10 gm
Pippali : 20 gm ( Lightly fry and make powder)

Add 220 gms candy sugar powder and store in a bottle.
For children : ¼ spoon powder, ¼ spoon cow’s ghee and ½ spoon honey.
For elders: ½ spoon to 1 spoon powder, ½ sp. Cow’s ghee and 1 sp honey.
Do not drink water till one hour.
Eye layers (kanti poralu), cataract, eye problems from birth will subside and eye sight improves.

Recipe No.3:
Food habits:
1) Eat carrot, ponnaganti koora, chutney of gunta galagara aaku.
2) Take tella galijeru pappu and rasam (Punarnava).
3) Take papaya, moong, badam.
Eye sight improves within 6 months and spects can be removed.

Recipe No.4:
Karakkaya bark powder : 10 gm
Taanikaya powder ; 20 gm
Usirika powder : 30 gm,
Atimadhuram powder : 5 gm
Pippali powder : 5 gm ( lightly fry and make powder)
70 gm candy sugar powder (equal to the total of above),
70 gm honey,
35 gm cow’s ghee.
Mix all the powders after adding candy sugar, sieve it add ghee and honey.
Take 5 to 10 ms of above paste and chew.
Within 100 days eye sight improves along with curing of other problems

Recipe No.5:
Soak 5 pieces each of karakkaya, taanikaya and usirika kaya in a glass of water overnight. Early in the morning filter the water and sprinkle on the closed eyes 4 to 5 times. Take little water and gargle. Can also apply the water to the hair.
Eye sight improves, hair problems get removed. Teeth and mouth problems are resolved.

Recipe No.6:
Take one spoon triphala powder, one spoon honey and one spoon cow’s ghee in the night daily. Eyesight improves, foldings disappear, dark circles disappear.

Recipe No.7:
Take one cup of clean water to the brim. Put each eye into it and move eye lids to the top/bottom, left/right, clockwise and anticlockwise directions.
The praana shakti of water reaches the eyes and eyes strength increases.

Recipe No.8:
Kaamanchi juice : ¼ kg
Pappu noone : ¼ kg
Boil on SIM flame till the juice is absorbed by oil.
Take ¼ to ½ spoon daily early in the morning.
Eye sight, eye layers, eye sores, reddishness problems get rectified within 40 days.

Recipe No.9:
Mix one drop onion juice to one drop honey (pure) and add very little pachcha karpuram and apply as eyetex.
Blurring, cloudiness, eye sight problems, fresh cataracts get eliminated within 20 days of usage.

Recipe No.10:
Vyasa Nayanamrutham:
Add cow’s milk to 200 gm Aswagandha till it is soaked and boil till the milk is evaporated. After drying make powder of Aswagandha.
Pippali : 50 gm (Fry and powder)
Usirika powder : 50 gm
Taankkaya powder : 50 gm
Karakkaya powder : 50 gm
Small elaichi powder : 25 to 50 gm.
Mix all the powders uniformly one by one. Add sufficient honey to the above. Can be taken with warm water.
For children 3 to 4 years ; 3 chitikas powder along with ¼ spoon honey
For children from 5 to 12 years: ¼ sp increased to ½ sp with 1/2 sp honey.
For elders: ¼ spoon increased to ½ spoon with 1 spoon honey.
Throat, tongue, mouth, eye problems are cleared, digestion improves.

Recipe No.11:
Karakkaya : 100 gm
Taanikaaya : 100 gm
Usirika kaaya: 100 gm
Add 1200 grams of water and boil till 300 gms remains.
Take this 300 gms filtered kashaayam. Add cow’s milk 150 gm, cow’s ghee 75 gms.
Boil once again till ghee remains and store.
Take one spoon along with rice two times a day.
Even lost eyesight is recovered,. Spectacles get removed. Also good for hair, reddishness of eye, watery eyes, nerves of eyes will be strengthened.
(In another episode for preparing Triphalagrutam, Dr. Elchuri narrated 3 kg of water instead of 1200 gm which has to be reduced to 1 kg. and 500 gms milk instead of 150 gm and 250 gm cow’s ghee instead of 75 gms. Since the components of the Triphalagrutam are mentioned same in both episodes, either of the proportions can be followed.)

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