Dr.Elchuri's recipes for SINUSITIS

Recipe No.1:
Yoga, Praanaayaam and tips:
1) Suryabedhana Praanaayam : Close the left nostril, breathe in with right and breathe out with left. Do this for 15 to 20 min.
2) Surya Bhastrika: Close the left nostril, breathe in slowly with right nostril and breathe out through right nostril.
3) Surya kapalabhati: Close the left nostril and breathe out with right nostril without putting effort to breathe in.
4) Avoid too hot and too cold foods.
5) Avoid sitting in AC rooms
6) If moving in cold season, give protection to ears by plugging with cotton. Do not sleep directly under the fan.
7) Massage with sesame oil on both sides of nose.
8) Mix candy sugar powder with diluted milk. Add little turmeric and drink.
9) Can take butter milk after adding turmeric, methi powder, onion juice.
10) Avoid taking bottle gourd, dosa, tomato, lady’s finger etc which increase kapha in the body.
11) Put two drops of neem oil in both nostrils before taking food in the night. The phlegm will come out from sinus region.

Recipe No.2:
Tulasi Tea:
Add 10 tulasi leaves, 10 pepper and 2 inch ginger piece (all crushed) to two cups of water and boil till one cup remains. Add one spoon candy sugar powder and drink it hot. Avoid taking bath or taking food till one hour. Can take two times a day.
Sinus problem will be eliminated.

Recipe No.3;
Gulabi Tailam:
Rose petals : 100 gm
Sesame oil (til oil) : 100 gm
When oil is boiling on SIM, add rose petals slowly. Boil till the petals blacken. Filter the oil and store. Put 3 to 4 drops in the nostrils in the morning and evening till the problem subsides.
Sinus problem is eliminated.

Recipe No.4:
Take nasyam (powder) Lakshmi tulasi dried powder through each nostril.
All head problems, cold, sinus etc. are removed.
Can be added to rasam and sambar also.

Recipe No.5:
Add half spoon turmeric to hot hot cooked rice (one fist full) and place it in a cloth. Foment the bundled cloth on the sides of nose. Can also be kept on nose and lie down for some time.
Problems of blocked nose due to non-entry of air will be eliminated within 5 to 10 min.

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