Dr.Elchuri's recipes for BED WETTING

Recipe No.1:
Yoga Treatment:
i) Massage with warm sesame oil (nuvvula noone) on the lower stomach (pottikadupu) before meals/breakfast.
ii) Pavana muktasanam : 5 times
iii) Acupressure points just below wrist on the sides of forearm.
iv) Kapalabhati praanaayaam

Recipe No.2:
i) Drink one cup warm water with one spoon honey
ii) Add half spoon ‘Aavala podi’ to the first morsel before eating food.
iii) Mix half spoon ‘Vaamu’ powder in half cup water and boil the same to reduce to 1/4th glass. Filter the water and add a little salt and drink.
iv) For children having kapha prakruti do not allow them to drink more water.

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