Dr.Elchuri's recipes for TELLA BOLLI

Recipe No.1:

Extract juice out of Arati doota and add little turmeric to form paste. Apply the paste to the effected part.

Tella bolli spots will be eliminated.

Recipe No.2:

Pound ‘Eswari root’ and make powder

Add 1 or 2 gms powder to 1 spoon honey and take before half an hour of taking food.


Tella bolli will be eliminated within 40 days.

Recipe No.3:

Take equal parts of tunga gadda, dalchina chekka and kababu chinni and make powders separately.

Mix them and store.


Take 1 spoon powder in 1 glass water and boil on SIM till one cup of water remains. Sieve it and drink in warm condition.


Use until tella bolli spots disappear.

Recipe No.4

Soak black gram (nalla minumulu) in water, grind them to paste and apply on the effected part. The tella bolli spots will vanish.

Recipe No.5:

Soak 50 gms Chandra cheva in about 40 lts of water (2 bindelu). Take the top water and repour the extracted water.

This water can be used for cooking rice.

Take this top water little by little whenever you feel thirsty,

Take bath with this water.

Extract gandham from chendra chekka and apply the paste to the effectd area. Avoid taking pulupu vastuvulu, NV food, eggs, brinjal, gongura during the treatment.


Tella bolli spots will gradually vanish and body skin glows

Recipe No.6:

Dry usirika pieces: 10 gm

Kaachu : 10 gm

Bavanchalu powder : little

Mix both usirkika and kaachu and add half litre water. Boil it on SIM flame till ¼ lt. remains. Sieve and make water into two parts.

Add ¼ spoon bavanchala powder to above water (in warm condition) and take one hour before food . Avoid pulupu during treatment.


Tella bolli spots will vanish.

Recipe No.7:

Take the bark along with white layer from Neem tree and dry it . Prepare gandham and apply to effected area. The paste will penetrate into skin and will eliminate tella bolli spots.

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