Dr.Elchuri's recipes for GREY HAIR

Recipe No.1:
Usiri powder (Gooseberry) : 100 gm
Black Sesame (Nalla nuvvulu): 100 gm
Dry the above constituents, fry and make powder
Guntagalagara aaku : 100 gm (dried)
Candy sugar powder : 100 gm
Mix all the above constituents. Take 1/4th to ½ spoon daily. Children can take with milk and candy sugar powder.
Teeth will strengthen, all parts of body will be rejuvenated, dhaatu strength increases, hair turns black within 3 to 4 months.

Recipe No.2:
Soak dry usirika powder overnight. Make paste to consistency and apply tohair. Wait for half an hour and take bath. Hair will blacken.

Recipe No.3:
Soak a handful of dry or fresh gooseberry (usirika) overnight. Remove water and fry the pieces lightly in cow’s ghee.
Take them with food or even directly two to three times in a day.
Mouth, teeth will strengthen, juice when chewn will enter blood, gives strength to all body parts, enters head improves memory and hair blackens.

Recipe No.4:
Make powder of karakkaya, Taanikaaya and Usirikaaya 100 gm each (only bark or top part) and sieve it in a fine cloth. Add milk to 1 or 2 spoons powder in a china bowl and make paste to consistency. Apply paste to hair and wait for one hour before bath. Do not use shampoo. For Kapha Prakruti people apply in the afternoon and take bath. Then expose hair to Saambraani smoke.

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