The region below the navel is called VAATA region. Pains due to vaata dosha may arise in hips, knees, calves (pikkalu), waist, neck, joints etc.
Food precautions:
Food should be chewn properly to easy digestion.
Better to eat food before 7 PM.
Avoid Non-vegetarian foods.
Avoid curds and use diluted butter milk.
Use unpolished rice only.

The following are Dr.Elchuri’s recipes for relieving all Vaata pains.

Recipe No.1:
Sonthi : 50 gm (Fry and make powder)
Aswagandha : 50 gm (Dry in shade and make powder)
Black sesame : 50 gm (Nalla nuvvulu) (Fry and make powder)
Candy Sugar : 50 gm (patika bellam powder)
Grind all the above contents in a kalvam by adding sufficient ghee till it becomes paste.
Take 10 gm paste (about one spoon) two times a day before meals. Suck the juice after placing it on one side of mouth.
Strengthens weakened nerves, brain, tendons, gives strength to body, removes waste material accumulated in joints, improves the gel of the joints, decreases sperm loss in gents, eliminates premature ejaculation problem, black spots formed due to meha uduku vanish and removes all pains due to vaata.

Recipe No.2:
Garlic juice: 20 gm (Crush in a cloth and squeeze without adding water)
Sesame oil : 20 gm (nuvvula noone) (For paitya natured persons)
Mustard oil : 20 gm (For kapha/vaata prakruti persons)
Boil both the contents on SIM flame till oil remains and bubbles subside. Sieve and store the oil. Warm the oil with garlic juice and apply oil to the joints or to those parts affected by pain. The oil penetrates into the body and gives relief.
Relieves pains of waist, back, neck, sides of waist, hip, ankles, knees etc.

Recipe No.3:
Kasivinda tailam:
Kasivinda leaves : 100 gm
Tamarind tree leaves : 100 gm
Vaavili aaku : 100 gm Jilledu aaku : 100 gm
Ummetta aaku : 100 gm
Pound all the above, squeeze and extract juice.
Add half kg. sesame oil and boil on SIM flame till oil remains. Filter and store oil.
Apply warm oil to the organs where pain prevails.
Any pain due to vaata will subside.

Recipe No.4:
Vaatagunja tailam:
Soak 20 gm red gurivinda seeds in half litre water and boil till 1/8 litre kashaayam remains. Remove it from flame, filter it and add 40 gm sesame oil and once again boil till the oil remains,. Filter and store in a bottle. Apply the oil in warm condition twice a day to the affected parts and gently massage.
All pains due to vaata vanish.

Recipe No.5:
Mix equal quantity of powder of taanikaaya, karakkaya and sieve it and store the powder in a bottle.
Take 2 gm powder with one spoon honey before one hour of taking food.
All problems due to vaata prakruti will vanish.

Recipe No.6:
Mix equal quantity of tippa teega powder, sannarastram powder, amudam roots powder, sonti powder (light fry and make powder), devedaaru bark powder and store in a bottle.
Add 30 gm powder to ¾ lit water and boil on SIM flame till 1/8 lt. remains.
Filter the kashaayam and take it two times after adding one spoon honey.
All problems due to vaata will vanish.

Recipe No.7:
Take equal proportion of Krishna tulasi leaves, vaavilaaku, uttareni leaves, dry them in shade and make powder. Sieve the powder and store. Apply oil and gently massage on effected part. Benefits:
Pains due to Sandhi vaatam will subside.

Recipe No.9:
Take tella galijeru along with roots, pound and squeeze to extract juice. Add equal quantity of sesame oil and boil it on SIM till oil remains.
Apply oil in warm condition to the affected parts where pain prevails.
All joints pains, swelling in testicles, all problems relating to vaata will subside.
Can also be applied on the limbs of children who are unable to walk and gently massage. Have bath after one hour. Children will start walking.

Recipe No.10:
Nalleru vadiyalu:
Scrape the top greenish layer of nalleru stems and extract juice. Add equal quantity of urath dal (mina pappu) and grind to paste. Prepare vadiyalu with above paste and store after drying. Fry the fryums (vadiyalu) on burning coal and eat along with rice.
All vaata problems will vanish.

Recipe No.11:
Make powders of nela tadi dumpa and uttareni leaves powder and store separately. Take 2.5 gm of nela tadi dumpa and 5 gm of uttareni powder along with water, early in the morning.
All vaata pains subside.

Recipe No.12:
Soak pamidi patti seeds and grind them to paste. Apply the paste to those parts which are affected by swelling, affected by pains and apply bandage. Remove bandage early ion the morning.
All pains and swelling of joints will be eliminated.

Recipe No.13:
Extract juice of raw tobacco leaves. Add equal quantity of sesame oil and boil together on SIM flame till oil remains. Remove from flame, filter and store oil. Apply it in warm condition to affected parts having pain, arthritis, degenerated joints etc.
All vaata pains will vanish.

Recipe No.14:
Crush the leaves of papaya (boppayi) add little amudam (eradel tel) and boil it Apply the oil in warm condition to the affected parts and bandage the affected part.
Vaata pains will vanish and swelling will subside.

Recipe No.15:
Make powders of bodataram flowers sonti powder ( light fry and make powder) and store. Take 3 chitikas powder directly before half an hour of taking food. Do it for 40 days and joint pains will subside.

Recipe No.16:
Aam vaata pains: Crush tella maddi leaves and extract juice. Apply to the affected organ. All pains due to aama vaatam, burning sensation and shooting pains will subside.

Recipe No.17:
Make powder of raddish seeds (mullangi ginjalu) and add equal quantity of candy sugar powder and store. Take ¼ spoon powder with water.
All joint pains will subside gradually.

Recipe No.16:
Take the bark of vaavili roots, wash and dry in shade. Pound them to powder and store. Mix 3 gm powder (less than half spoon) and little sesame oil and take two times a day.
Joint pains, back pain, vaata pains of entire body all body pains will subside.

Recipe No.19:
Sour water melon roots powder : 50 gm Pippali powder : 50 gm(light fry and make powder) Old jaggery : 100 gm Pound all of them together and make round balls of six equal to peas. Take one ball/pill along with warm water half an hour before food.
Joints pains will subside.
If motions occur, reduce the dosage.

Recipe No.20:
Garika tailam:
Take 1 kg garika juice and and add to 1/2 kg sesame oil. Boil on SIM flame till the juice gets absorbed into the oil. Sieve and store the oil.
Can be applied on the effected parts.
Pains due to vaata will vanish.

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