Dr.Elchuri's recipes for GUIDDINESS

Recipe No.1

Guiddiness comes due to excess heat in brain for BP patients. Paityam increases in liver and leads to guiddiness.

Apply Ayurvedic hair oil to head regularly.
Use sesame oil (Nuvvulu noone) or Agastya tailam or Ayurveda Prajaraksha tailam.
Massage oil on the scalp, on the left and right parts of throat in circular manner. As the oil soaks into head, guiddiness decreases.
Do Chandrabedhana Praanaayaam.

Recipe No.2:
Allam Churnam:
Allam Powder : 100 gm (Remove top leayer, dry and make powder)
Jeera Powder : 100 gm (Fry and make powder)
Mix all the above three. This becomes a gas hara churn.
Take 2 to 3 chitikas of above churn after food.
This will relieve all Gas, paityam, guiddiness etc. and all stomach problems and all paitya problems will be eliminated.

Recipe No.3:
Dry usirika : 5 or 6 pieces
Crushed Dhania : 1 spoon
Water : 150 gm (small glass)
Pour all the above in a mud vessel. Soak overnight. Filter in the morning and add one spoon candy sugar powder and drink.
Guiddiness will disappear within one wek. Excess heat accumulated in the head will vanish.

Recipe No.4:
Prepare lepanam by grinding tella galijeru leaves, dhania and gasagasalu by adding little water and apply it to fore head. Guiddiness sensation goes away.

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