Dr.Elchuri’s recipes for increase of SPERM COUNT:

Recipe No.1:
Pound 50 gm Vomu. Fry and separate seeds/dal. Pour the dal into 2 lts of naatu cow’s milk or naatu buffalo’s milk and burn on SIM till entire milk is evaporated and only Vomu dal remains. Dry the dal pound it again, sieve it and store.
1/2 spoon with one cup water, one hour before food.
Nerves will become strong, reduces fat, reduces burning sensation in stomach, acidity, pain, gas etc. Improves sperm count drastically. Low cost and very effective, results infinite.

Recipe No.2:
Water : ½ cup
Chana : 30 gm.
Soak chana overnight. Separate water (by filtering). Early in the morning eat chana by chewing slowly and facing towards East direction. Add two spoons of honey to the chana soaked water and drink. Do this for 40 days and observe brahmacharya during these forty days.
The sperm denses and Count increases. Prevents premature ejaculation also.


Anonymous said...

How many times we have to take dat vomu seeds in recipie no.1 per a day and any precautions we have to follow while taking vomu recipe and how days we have to take dat vomu & is dat vomu we have take it as seeds or else we have to powder it

Anonymous said...

Please give the reply soon

Unknown said...

Boss did u prepared it...how to make vaamu pound wat is it called...how to prepare it