Dr.Elchuri's recipes for Skin problem - SEETA PAITYAM

I) On account of itching if one scratches swelling, rashes and reddishness appears due to Seeta paityam. In order to decrease the increased phlegm in the body, it generates heat and skin gets heated. When scratched, the inside phlegm comes out Wherever you scratch stomach, chest, back etc. rashes will crop up which are red in colour.

II) If one has cough problem, the excess phlegm inside the head, reaches mouth and if he/she swallows the phlegm without spitting out, it will reach the stomach, agnimandyam develops, loss of appetite arises. Even if he takes food it will not be digested. Indigestion starts in the stomach, excess heat develops. In order to reduce the phlegm, excess heat increases and itching, rashes, develop and skin turns red while scratcing.

Remedy for Seeta paityam:
Wet cloth bandage:
Dip cotton cloth in cold water, squeeze it and wrap it around body from throat to navel. Wrap a dry turkey towel above the wet cloth. Wait for 10 min till the inner cloth dries and then remove them. The excess heat inside the layers of skin reduces.

i) Vega Bhastrika: Breathe out air quickly wiotout concentrating on taking breath inside. This is vega bhastrika.
ii) Deerga Bhastrika: Slow and long bhastrika
iii) Chandra bedhana praanaayaam
iv) Surya bedhana praanaayaam
v) Anuloma viloma praanaayaam

If all the above praanaayaams are performed, seetamu and pittamu will be balanced in the body.

Recipes for elimination of Seeta Paitya:
1) Apply mustard oil on the entire the body, itching and rashes will reduce.

2) Mix saindhava lavanam and ghee make paste. Apply over entire body and take bath after one hour.

3) Mix allam raasam 30 gm (3 spoons) and old jaggery 2 sp (10 gm)
Take one to two spoons 1+1 time one hour before food.

4) Mix Vaamu podi 100 gm and old jaggery : 100 gm. Take 2 spoons three times for 10 to 15 days. Seeta paityam reduces.

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