Dr.Elchuri's recipes for MIGRAINE HEADACHES

Recipe No.1:-
Yoga & Pranayam:
1. Vipareeta karini
2. Matsyasana
3. Bhramari
4. Acupressure treatment : Press and release thumbs.
5. Meditation: Sit straight, close eyes and take deep breath. Visualise that good prana releiving headache is flowing into the head region. Retain the breath for few seconds in the region having pain and breathe out visualizing impure black/brown air coming out.

Recipe No.2 :
Migraine develops due to increase of kapha in head region. It also develops due to accumulation of gas, increase of fire element and also due to impure blood in head region.
Add 2 tsps good turmeric to hot water and apply steam to head region. Impure gases will be relieved from hear. Dip one cloth in the same water and put fomentation in the effected region.

Recipe No.3:
Add 60gm candy sugar to ½ lt. drinking water overnight. Drink the water early in the morning. Do not eat till one hour.
Migraine gets relieved within 4 to 7 days if followed daily.

Recipe No.4:
Migraine develops due to opposite behavior in particular season.
1. Do not sleep late.
2. Do not have excess thinking.
3. Do not take water in excess. Take only one glass of copper charged water early in the morning.
4. Do not go to places having excessive dust, chemicals etc.
5. Avoid pickles, N.V. food

Recipe No.5:
Vishwamitra tailam
Sesame oil : 200gm. (nuvvula noone)
Vasa powder : 20gm
Sonthi powder : 20gm
Atimadhuram powder : 20gm

Boil oil on SIM flame and add all powders slowly stirring after each addition. Boil till foam disappears and then remove. Store after it cools.
Apply warm oil to the scalp every 3 days. After taking head bath do not sleep day time.

Recipe No.6:
Headache balm : -
Add 100gm bees wax to 100gm of Viswanitra tailam after placing it on SIM flame. Stir till ointment/cream is formed.
Store after cooling it.
Apply balm to head region, knee pain, neck pain, etc.

Recipe No.7:
Boil 100gm. Naatu cow’s ghee. Add one fist full sebja leaves. Boil till the leaves blacken. Filter the ghee and store. Place the ghee in a dropper bottle and put 3 drops in nostrils before half and hour of taking food.
Gives good results for headaches.

Recipe No.8:
Karakkaya powder :100gm (Fry with little ghee)
Taanikaya powder : 100gm (Fry with little ghee)
Usirikaya powder : 100gm (Fry with little ghee)
Candy sugar powder : 100gm

Mix all the powders and store in bottle.
Take ½ sp morning and evening daily.
Benefits :
Excess heat reduces, hair blacken, eyes, ears, teeth will strengthen. Headaches are reduced. Nadis in head work properly and gives good result for all headaches within 40 days.

Recipe No.9:
For instant relief:
1) Add sugar to water and drink.
2) Drink tender coconut water
3) Drink cold water.

Recipe No.10:
Take milk and coconut water in equal parts. Add equal amount of cow’s ghee to it and boil on SIM flame till ghee only remains. Filter and store the ghee. Put some ghee in dropper bottle and add two to three drops to the nostrils and breathe in.
Migraine headache vanishes.


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