Recipe No.1:
Add one spoon honey in one cup warm water and gargle. Bad smell of mouth is eliminated. Gargle with sesame oil in the morning.
Teeth, gums, tongue, jaws will strengthen, tongue sores will not be there. Enamel of teeth will be protected.

Recipe No.2:
Elaichi seeds : 30 gm (Yalukala vittanalu)
Salt crystals : 60 gm (kallu uppu)
Chalk powder : 60 gm
Grind all the three together and use it as a tooth powder daily.
Scaling problem of teeth is eliminated and teeth will shine.

Recipe No.3:
Take equal quantity of guava piece (Jaama kaaya) and patika pieces. Pound them and store. Add two spoons of this powder to one cup of water and boil it to prepare kashaayam. Use this kashaayam in warm condition to gargle.
All teeth will shine by gargling with above kashaayam daily.

Recipe No.4:
Prepare bhasmam of banbo (after drying) by frying it. Brush the teeth daily with the above powder.
Scaling problem will be removed and teeth will shine.

Recipe No.5:
Top skin of pomogranate : 350 gm
Ponginchina patika : 80 gm
Akkalakarra : 70 gm Dry rose petals : 70 gm
Maachi kayalu : 80 gm
Make powder of all the above, sieve and store. Brush the teeth with this powder daily.
Scaling (even old scaling) of teeth will be eliminated and teeth will shine.

Recipe No.6:
Prepare powder of equal weight of sonthi, pippali, pepper, japatri, saindhavalavanam and store. Add a little powder to honey or oil and brush without touching lips
Teeth will be clean, become stronger, scales will be eliminated.


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