Dr.Elchuri's recipe and usage of VAAMU NOONE:

Vaamu or Voma or Ajwain is one of the ingradients which we use during cooking in our daily life. Most of the people are not aware of its medicinal values. When vaamu is to be used for medicinal purpose, the healing qualitites are multiplied if it is soaked in chuna water (sunnapu teta neeru) for 3 hours and then dried for usage.

Recipe for Voma Tailam:
Vaamu : 1/2 kg
Make fine powder by pounding. Add 2 kg water and crush it with palm (baaga pisakali) and allow it to soak for 12 hours. Then place it on SIM flame, stir it with a laddle continuously. Boil till the water reduces to half. Filter the water (kashaayam) and add 1/4 kg sesame oil (nuvvula noone). Once again boil till only oil remains. Filter after it cools and store it in a bottle.
Vaamu tailam is benefiial to all Vaata pains, joint pains, knee pains, back pain, hip pains.
Apply the oil 3 times a day to the affected part and also do fomentation. Pains will subside.
Food precautions for early recovery from pains:
- Old rice, Jaava, wheat jaava, wheat roti, barley jaava, old tur dal (kandi pappu.
- Snake gourd (potlakaaya), green gourd (beera kaaya), tender brinjals (leta vankaya), tender drumsticks (munakkaya), garlic, onion, koyya totakura, ponnagantikura.
- Fruits like lemon, pomogranate, grapes, dates.
- Pickles of big lemon (dabbakaya), chinta, usiri can be used.
- Cow's milk and cow's butter milk is very good.

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