Dr.Elchuri's recipes for PARALYSIS

Recipe No.1:
Vaavila tablets:
Vaavila aku (Vayalaaku) : 50 gm.
Tulasi leaves : 50 gm
Tippa teega (Amruta lata) : 50 gm
Garlic : 50 gm
Vamu : 50 gm (Fry and make powder)
Pepper : 50 gm (Fry and make powder)
Ginger juice: Sufficient to mix
Grind the three varieties of leaves to paste. Add vamu powder, pepper powder and garlic to paste. Add little by little ginger juice and grind all contents together. Make small balls (equal to pea size) and dry them in shade. Store in a bottle.
Take 1 tab daily for 2 days and later 2 tabs daily. Give one hour gap before taking food.
All types of BODY PAINS, fevers due to climatic changes, fevers due to kapha and vaata doshas, paralysis, sciatica, neck pains, waist problems, disc problems, facial paralysis. 80 varieties of problems due to Vaata dosha get relieved.

Recipe No.2:
Boil 250 gm sesame oil. Add 50 gm garlic pieces (cut into small pieces). After garlic pieces turn black, filter oil and add 20 gm fine pepper powder and also add 20 to 30 gm camphor (mudda karpooram) when the oil is still hot.
Usage :
Apply oil to the affected parts in warm condition.

Recipe No.3:
Take one cup milk and one cup water. Add 2 or 3 pods garlic (made to pieces) and boil on SIM flame. Boil till water evaporates and one cup remains. Filter and add 1 spoon candy sugar powder, 1 gm Vaayu Vidangalu or Vaayu lavangalu powder.
Paralytic patients can take the above contents to get relief. Stiff nerves will loosen and paralytic symptoms vanish.

Recipe No.4:
Make paste of pepper powder and sesame oil. Apply the paste to legs and hands or affected parts. After drying on skin wash.

Recipe No.5:
Mix kasivinda/peda chennangi leaves, butter (cow/goat/buffalo’s butter) and apply on the affected parts.

Recipe No.6:
Take dove bird’s (paavuramu) excreta and dry it to powder. 2 to 3 chitikas can be taken orally two times a day.

Recipe No.7:
Soak 50 grams vasa in water for 24 hours. Dry and make powder.
Sonti 30 gms, (fry and make powder).
Black Jeera powder : 20 gm (Fry and make powder).
Add all three contents with honey and take it in the morning and evening. It reaches inner sides of nerves.
Strength of nerves is regained and paralytic symptoms vanish.

Recpe No.8:
Ginger Juice : 20 gm
Onion juice : 20 gm
Honey : 20 gm
Mix the three contents and take 1 to two spoons.
Benefits :
Appetite improves, constipation reduces, B.P. reduces, cleanses Clots in blood vessels.

Recipe No.9:
Garlic pieces : 30 gms
Ummetta kaayalu : 2 Nos. (fine pieces)
Mustard oil : 200gm
Mix all and boil till garlic pieces turn black. Filter and store oil.
Apply oil to backbone, shoulders, hands, waist, legs and massage till heat generates. The stiffened nerves get energised (chaitanya).

Recipe No.10:
Boil turmeric, vaavili aaku, jilledu aaku in water. When the water is steaming, put the vessel below the cot (nulaka mancham) of patient and move steaming vessel carefully on the ground so that steam spreads from top of back bone to bottom of backbone and below legs. Take thick cotton cloth dip in the steaming liquid, squeeze and apply fomentation on the affected parts including head.
Paralytic symptoms reduce.

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