Dr.Elchuri's recipes for BELLY REDUCTION:

Recipe No.1:
Urad Dal chilka (Pottu minapappu) : 1 kg
Coconut water sufficient to soak the dal.
After soaking grind to batter and prepare Vadiyalu and store.
Soak 10 vadiyalu in milk. Add sugar candy powder (patikabellam )or jiggery and take them for 40 to 60 days. Gradually increase taking 10 to 20 Vadiyalu along with milk and candy powder.
Gents should be away from family life while taking the above recipe.

Recipe No.2:
Uttareni leaves juice : 1 glass
Sesame seeds (Nuvvulu) : 1 glass
Boil the above contents till oil remains and store in a glass bottle.
Apply the oil on belly from left to right and wherever excess fat prevails.
Bad water and bad blood is eliminated and excessive fat will melt. Blood circulation improves.

Recipe No.3:
Yogasasnas for Belly reduction.
i) Uttana padasana
ii) Agnisaara Kriya
iii) Udyana Bandha
iv) Naukasanam
v) Vajrasanam
vi) Stomach cleaning once a month

Stomach cleaning Method 1:
Ginger juice : 2 spoons;
Honey: 2 spoons
Vanta Amudam : 4 spoons.
Mix the above three constituents and boil 3 times (Moodu sarlu pongu vachchevaraku).
Take it with warm water early in the evening. Rasam with rice can be taken as food in the afternoon.
Avoid going outside as motions may occur 3 to 4 times.

Stomach cleaning Method 2:
Aloe vera juice : 2 to 4 spoons
Jeera powder : ¼ spoon ( lightly fired)
Turmeric : 1/8 spoon
Pepper powder : little (3 chitikalu)
Take the above contents together half an hour before meals.
This will not only clean the stomach, sores in andasayam and sores due to cancer also.

Recipe No.4:
Ulava Jaava (horse gram)
Ulavalu : 50 gm
Boil ulavalu in 500 gm water and prepare Jaava. Add little ginger, Ajwain, Jeera powder, pepper powder, saindhava lavanam along with water and boil the contents till pastey liquid is formed.
To be taken in afternoon at 4 p.m.

Recipe No.5:
Belly reduction powder
Take Karakkaya, taanikaya, usirikaya, sonti, pippallu, miriyalu, saindhavalavanam each 100gms. Fry and make powder separately. Mix all contents together and store.
People with Vaata prakruti should take with warm water
People with Ushna prakruti should take with butter milk
Pople with kapha prakruti should take with honey.

Recipe No.6:
Prepare ganji or upma out of korralu or yavalu. These are blessed with the quality to keep the body in required size and proportion.

Recipe No,7:
Food precautions:
i) Avoid drinking cool water from fridge
ii) Avoid fried items
iii) Avoid taking cold rice, new rice
iv) Drink cow’s milk only
v) Avoid meat
vi) Avoid breakfast before 10 AM, take juices in the afternoon and light food in the evening.
vii) Eat according to the body’s needs and to the extent of physical work one does.
viii) Avoid sleep during day time and reduce sleep during night.
ix) Reduce rice and wheat as much as possible
x) Avoid milk products, sugar, jiggery
xi) Exercise orning and evening.

Excess fat gets reduced in belly.

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