Dr.Elchuri's recipes for preparation of TOOTH POWDER :

Recipe No.1:
Take Neem sticks, raavi sticks, banyan tree sticks, Juvvi sticks, Medi sticks, neredu sticks, Maredu sticks, tangedu sticks, nalla Tummi sticks, Uttareni roots, mango sticks, ganuga sticks in equal proportion and dry them and make powder.
Take 100 gms of above powder and add 10gm saindhavalavanam. Store and use.
Bad smell from teeth/mouth, sores, worms in teeth, loosened teeth problem will harden.

Recipe No.2:
Tella suddha (naamu) : 50gm powder
Elaichi seeds powder : 20gm
Rock salt or saindhavalavanam: 30 gm
Mix the above three and store.
Brush morning and night.
Loosened teeth will harden, scaling, bleeding etc. problems will be eliminated and teeth will become strong.

Recipe No.3:
Fry 100 gms pamidi or paidi patti seeds in a mud vessel. After the seeds blacken, powder them and store.
Worms will be removed. Teeth will be cleaned. Use atleast monthly once.

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