Dr.Elchuri's recipes for TESTICLE SWELLING

Testicle swelling is also called anda vruddhi. Air and water accumulates and testicle swells. It may also be due to overtightness of under wear and pants and also due to other reasons.

Recipe No.1:
Karakkaya powder : 10gm
Nela vepa/nela vemu leaf powder : 10 gm
Dhaniya powder : 10 gm
Cloves : 15 gm
Sunamukhi or Swarnamukhi powder : 40 gm
Candy sugar powder : 120 gm
Mix all the above powders and add honey to consistency and store in a glass bottle.
Start with 2 gm two times daily and gradually increase to 5 gm each time. Chew and suck the paste and drink water.
All the waste material accumulated in stomach will pass out through urine/stools including that waste material stored in testicles.

Recipe No.2:
Take equal parts of Kanuga seeds, amudam seeds, gachcha seeds. Grind them by adding vantamudam to th required consistency. Apply the paste on the swelled part and remove it next day morning. Do this daily till the swelling is eliminated.

Recipe No.3:
Grind gadidagadapa leaves with amudam oil. Boil it on SIM and remove from flame. When it comes to bearable warmth, apply the paste on the swelling. Place cotton on the testicles and wear underwear or gochi. Do this daily till the swelling decreases.

Recipe No.4:
Grind the tobacco leaves along with the internal part of gachchakaya along with water to consistency and apply the paste to the swelled part. The swelling as well as pain decrease.

Recipe No.5:
Grind the bark of stem of cotton tree along with sonthi powder by adding water to consistency and apply the paste to the effected part. The swelling reduces within a few days.

Recipe No.6:
Grind poogranate leaves and apply the paste to the swelled part. The pullling sensation of nerves and pain in testicle will subside.

Recipe No.7:
Take raw papaya and boil in a kummu (on the burning charcoal or husk). Grind it to paste and apply on the swelled part. The swelling decreases.

Recipe No.8:
Crush drumstick leaves and boil along with Vantaamudam. Take the boiiled leaves (crushed leaves and tie on swelled part. Remove early in the morning. Gradually swelling subsides.

Recipe No.9:
Place moduga flowers on a cloth and tie it to the swelled testicle in the night. Swelling normalises after few days.

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